Bangladesh Secretariat Central Library

About the Library

Bangladesh Secretariat Central Library was founded in early 1947. It is the biggest Library in Bangladesh Secretariat. The Library begins its journey with a few numbers of books, gazettes, acts and other subject related reading materials which was collected from district collectorates and other local/foreign organizations as donations. Historically the Library was turned into the Bangladesh Secretariat Central library to provide its service to all the admin cadre officers throughout the country.

Now we have introduced a new Library Management Software, which supports web-based online lending and receiving, browsing databases of books, journals, newspapers and magazines, searching full-text online books and journals, tracking circulation system. As the information technology is changing very fast, so it is now time to develop RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Door) self check and book drop records, auto email alert services to embrace and utilize state-of-the-art innovations for better services. The introduction of RFID is our first event in Government sector in Bangladesh.


It has more than 62 thousand reading materials. There are 45,000 books, bound gazettes from 1948 to 2013, over 500 online e-books, extra ordinary gazette from 1972 to 2012, district gazetteers of Indian different provinces from 1886 to 1914, Bangladesh district gazetteers up to 1996, Govt. publications, rules, acts, orders, ordinance, reports are preserved here and a good number of other resources of the library cover all branches of knowledge. Besides books, daily newspapers, both English and Bangla, local and foreign magazines and periodicals are kept regularly. The library materials are arranged under modern cataloguing systems that the news can get them easily. Though it is a reference library, it has developed its collection of various subjects to provide the required information to the Government officials.


According to the ''Instruction for Users of the Secretariat Library'' all Government officers and staffs in the secretariat and all admin cadre officers in Bangladesh are entitled to become the library member. Besides rendering service to the members it serves local and foreign researchers to assist and cooperate in their research:


Currently, the library provides lending, reference, readers' guidance, internet, reading, book searching and printing, current awareness services to its users. The Wi-Fi and broadband internet connection of the library building help the library users to access online resources easily.

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